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Blood Pressure Control and Diabetes - Alternative Solutions to Help Manage | Diabetes Daily Post
Alternative Solutions to Help Manage – Blood Pressure Control and Diabetes

Blood Pressure Control and Diabetes-Alternative Solutions to help manage

blog_high_blood_pressureOne of the risk factors associated with diabetes is the cardiovascular diseases. Heart attack is one the major complications with diabetics. And high blood pressure contributes to cardiovascular diseases and as a result could lead to kidney diseases and failure. Thus, controlling high blood pressure becomes very important and a necessary step in overall diabetes management. Although clinicians are doing a great job in administering “blood pressure pill” and by and large achieving the therapeutic goals tailored to individual disease conditions and ages but at the expense of many undesirable side-effects. Because there is a need to control blood pressure by one or more different mechanism of actions, this adds more medication-load (polypharmacy) and exposed patients to possible unwanted drug interactions. Thus, patients need more instructions to apply blood pressure lowering alternatives as an adjunct to help ease and lower the blood pressure.

4 Tips to lower your blood pressure:

Exercise, Exercise and Exercise: Exercise will strengthen your body by toning your cells. It will help you to burn fat around your waist, between the blood vessels, within the vessel walls. The end result is a cleaner and resistant-free blood vessels. Exercise also have inflammation- decreasing effect. And inflammation is a major factor in the thickening of the blood vessel walls and inducing the formation of bad cholesterol (LDL). These leads a high blood pressure. The exercise is so valuable in that it does much more: it helps to secret more endorphin (a natural morphine-like substance) to fight depression, help prevent cancer, help to increase bodies immune system and lose weight. Some expert believe if everyone in the US exercise regularly, there is a possibility of 50% reduction in overall health care budget in the nation. It is so easy to do and yet many won’t.

Eat blood pressure lowering foods

Eat more garlic, onions, broccoli, apples, dark chocolate (60% cocoa or more), walnuts, and drink green tea.

Consume low salt diet

High salt intake kills. Studies have shown many undesirable effects on high salt intake and on the top of the list is high blood pressure. On an average Americans are taking 3 times of the normal amount recommended daily: the ideal amount is about 1,500 mg a day. We consume salt unknowingly, the salt is every where, it is in ice cream and most desserts, bread, sauces, chips, dressing and beverages you name it they are there. Some accuse the chip makers intentionally make their chip salty to help sell their popular cola. Nevertheless, the consumers have choices, either choose chips with a lot of salt to help enhance the taste or a salt-free and low-salt bag of chips as an alternative. Salt or sodium chloride does its harm in two ways: it enters our body and causes osmolarity imbalance. A best example would be observing wrinkled fingers while swimming in Cancun. It is caused by hyper-osmolarity of ocean’s salty water. This is what is happening in the body: blood vessels with high salt content than the rest of the body will siphon water from our cells and cause bulging (high blood pressure). Another damaging effect is to the blood vessels is salt will penetrate into to the blood vessel walls and cause the thickening of the wall and in turn causes the narrowing of the blood vessels.

Consume low fat diet and cholesterol

We all know the damaging effect of high fat diet and cholesterol in causing  weight gain and atherosclerosis. These little plagues stick to the blood vessel walls and narrow the passage and cause “inflexibility of the blood vessel walls” to respond when facing varied blood pressure throughout the day. The inflexibility may add stress and burst lead to heart attacks or cerebral stokes.

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