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Diabetes Dental Problems | Diabetes Daily Post - Part 2
Diabetes Dental Problems
Information on Type 2 Diabetes and Oral Complications
Type 2 Diabetes and Oral Complications Dentists play a major role in providing oral care as part of the health care team for Type 2 Diabetes patients.  In fact, they sometimes detect undiagnosed cases of Type 2 Diabetes and refer patients for further evaluation. Dentists also play an important role in supporting patients in smoking-cessation programs and can help the patient’s metabolic control of Type 2 Diabetes by working with the physician, nutritionist and dental hygienist. For example,...
…Type 2 Diabetes and Gingivitis Prevention
Type 2 Diabetes and Gingivitis Prevention: Gingivitis is caused by Porphyromonas gingivalis bacteria and leads to periodontal diseases. It is preventable and treatable if discovered early. Periodontal diseases if untreated cause bone loss beneath the tooth resulting in the loss of tooth attachment. Furthermore, gingivitis inflammation may contribute the worsening of diabetes and heart diseases. Regular check-ups with your hygienist and dentist becomes essential. Periodontal treatment for diabetes patients is a lengthy process and requires...
Introducing The 90 Day Diabetes Tracker Calendar!
            The Diabetes Daily Post staff has worked feverishly to create this All New and Exclusive Calendar that can only be found here at the Diabetes Daily Post. This is a Fantastic New Tool for Type 2 Diabetic Patients to use to keep track of some of the most important data you will ever need to record. It is designed to Help Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic Patients, manage their...
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