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Diabetes What Is it? | Diabetes Daily Post - Part 3
Diabetes What Is it?
Natural Progression of Type 2 Diabetes, Part 2
Natural Progression of Type 2 Diabetes, Part 2 Phase II When you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is when your fasting glucose is elevated. It is elevated because the amount of insulin produced by beta-cell is not enough to meet the insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a physical state where cells  no longer respond to insulin in a normal manner. This indicates the dysfunction of beta-cell of pancreas. This is the natural course of type 2...
Natural Progression of Type 2 Diabetes, Part 1, Phase I
Natural Progression of Type 2 Diabetes, Part 1, Phase I People who are concerned with diabetes and increasingly aware of what diabetes will do to our lives. Many among them would like to know more about diabetes in terms of how it progresses. Nowadays with multiple online resources available for both diabetes and non-diabetes population, it could be overwhelming at times. People want to know more in-depth information about diabetes rather than just receive basic information available to them. These are...
Introducing The 90 Day Diabetes Tracker Calendar!
            The Diabetes Daily Post staff has worked feverishly to create this All New and Exclusive Calendar that can only be found here at the Diabetes Daily Post. This is a Fantastic New Tool for Type 2 Diabetic Patients to use to keep track of some of the most important data you will ever need to record. It is designed to Help Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic Patients, manage their...
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