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Diabetes News | Diabetes Daily Post - Part 5
Diabetes News
Learning About Sexual Desire and Diabetes
Sexual Desire and Diabetes About a third of male diabetes patients will eventually develop erectile dysfunctions (ED). ED is a problem not limited to diabetic patients although being old and having diabetes are risk factors for ED, about 15% of of non-diabetic males suffer from ED from the ages of thirty to thirty four. For the diabetic patients, once the blood sugar is under control, the normal sexual function may be restored completely in some....
Learning About Childhood Diabetes
Eat Healthy, Be Active. Two phrases that you will find are very common when you do a search on how to prevent or combat diabetes.  Yet we know that more needs to be said, and when it comes to working with children, the more direct the message, the better!  So let’s handle the second phrase, being active.  To some, it means that you need to walk around the block; to others, a marathon might seem...
Learning About Ways to Prevent Teenage Diabetes
Learning About Ways to Prevent Teenage Diabetes Between 2002 and 2005, the number of children in the United States being medicated for type 2 diabetes more than doubled. Within this group, the largest proportion is teenagers. There are several factors involved, including the fact that diabetes medications are also used to treat metabolic syndrome. But given the undeniable link between being overweight and developing diabetes, the increasing rise in overweight children is surely a direct...
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