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Diabetes High Cholesterol | Diabetes Daily Post - Part 3
Diabetes High Cholesterol
Having High Cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetics Invisible Enemy
High Cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetics’ Invisible enemy Partial blockage by lipids (bad cholesterol, triglycerides) in the blood is like water-supply line being partially blocked. To deliver the required amount of blood, more pressure will be applied and this over years causes wear and tear to our heart and other organs. When a clot is form in a vital area of the body, it may cause death; when heart stop working, the result is obvious. To prevent...
Glucose Numbers and What They Mean
Blood Glucose Numbers and What they Mean You probably don’t pay any attention to your blood glucose numbers unless you’ve already been diagnosed with diabetes. If you consider yourself a sophisticated health care consumer, I bet you can recite your cholesterol numbers but have no clue about your sugar. There is good reason to know your blood glucose. Diabetes typically begins to wreck its damage on your organs and body years before it s diagnosed....
Getting Started with Physical Activity
Getting Started with Physical Activity A wellness program was started at my neighbor’s office several months ago. A walking program at lunch time was part of the program. My neighbor probably walks slower than most of the people out walking but this was her very first attempt at doing something physical since high school which was 35 years ago. If you are thinking about adding physical activity to your life, but not sure how to...
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