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Learning About Heart Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes | Diabetes Daily Post
Learning About Heart Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes

Learning about heart diseases and type 2 diabetes

diabetes-and-heart-diseaseEven over the last two decades the health professionals’ emphasis on the importance of diet, exercise and the early intervention of anti-hyperlipidemia drugs such as Statins (Lipitor) has helped reduce heart disease. However, this trend has reversed as more type 2 diabetes patients are emerging. The demographics change such as baby boomers entering into their retirement age and non-compliant nature of diabetes patients have contributed to the increase of heart diseases specifically the instance of coronary artery disease (hardening of heart artery) is on the rise. Most alarmingly the incidence of heart diseases is increasing among young adults. In earlier decades coronary artery disease in young adults was seldom heard of, however, in the last 10 years young adults with coronary artery disease has increased at an alarming rate. Why?

(1) Over-eating unhealthy food and lack of exercise in general
(2) In the case of diabetes patients, unable to control hemoglobin A1C level commonly known as A1C which is measured every three months to provide health professionals with a history of how well the patient is controlling his or hers blood sugar is reportedly as one of the reason why the death associated with coronary artery disease in diabetes patients has increased. It is reported by the clinical studies, a one percent reduction in A1C will decrease about 20% of death related to heart diseases in diabetes patients. Therefore, managing A1C becomes very important
(2) Weight reduction is another area where reports have indicated that heart diseases and weight reduction is positively correlated. The distribution of fat particularly in the waste area is directly related to the improvement of weight, blood lipids and the blood sugar and therefore death.
(3) Keep high blood pressure under control is another area which contributes to the well-being.

Thus your daily action plan should include the following measurements:

(1) Eat 3 to 5 servings of vegetables and fruits daily
(2) Take 30 to 60 g of fiber daily
(3) Drink eight glasses of water daily
(4) Stop drinking all sugar containing beverages
(5) Cut your salt intake
(5) Exercise, exercise and exercise

Remember your health will only get worse if you don’t practice all or part of what I have suggested. Also remember the principle “no efforts, no positive results”. To prevent unnecessary emergency room visits should be one of the priorities on every Americans mind. Know this fact, staying in emergency room for an overnight observation could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. This figure should wake you up.

Brought to You By:
Charles H. Liu
DDP Medical Writer on Staff

Charles H. Liu, R. Ph, MBA

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