Learning About Sexual Desire and Diabetes

Sexual Desire and Diabetes

RomanceAbout a third of male diabetes patients will eventually develop erectile dysfunctions (ED). ED is a problem not limited to diabetic patients although being old and having diabetes are risk factors for ED, about 15% of of non-diabetic males suffer from ED from the ages of thirty to thirty four. For the diabetic patients, once the blood sugar is under control, the normal sexual function may be restored completely in some. For most the early life style interventions and activities that  minimize the risk factors for ED will definitely help to restore or improve ED.

Life style interventions

•    Regular exercise: 60 minutes every other day
•    80-20 rule when eating: 80% fruits and vegetables and 20% protein and whole grain
•    Manage emotion: read positive book and have positive outlook in life, learn how to relax and obtain enough sleep.
Activities to follow and risk factors to be minimized
•    Smoking: cigarette smoking will make blood vessels less likely to function properly by restricting the blood flow the the penis.
•    Caffeine intake (tea, coffee and sugar-containing caffeinated beverages, etc.): excessive caffeine intake is associated with sleeplessness and adds load to the heart and blood vessels.
•    Avoid excessive alcohol: although reports have shown a glass of wine helps the blood circulation but more than two make cause harm to the vessels. Excess alcohol reduce sexual performance.
•    Avoid opiate pain medications: opiates such as morphine will decrease testosterone levels.
•    Follow doctor’s instruction on how to manage blood sugar better: high glucose in the blood will contribute to ED.
•    Keep blood pressure under control: high blood pressure not only is a risk factor for ED; the high blood pressure drugs themselves reduce blood flow to the penis.

Immediate actions and tips which may help ED

•    immediately start a process to reduce weight loss by 5-10%: weight loss reduce inflammation, increase blood flood and increase the levels of testosterone which increases sexual desire and function.
•    Experts recommend the cock ring (rubber ring) for patients who still have moderate amount of blood in the penis. Caution: cock ring use is limited to 15 minutes and cold be dangerous if used more than 15 minutes. The next option could be penis pump it will  force blood blood into the penis via suction. Caution: these devices are not for everyone, read the instructions and precautions prior to use.
•    Take ED medication such as Viagra or even better find and research natural ED products like NuVirile. Prescription ED medications should be considered only when all other methods have failed.


Sexual needs and experiences vary from person to person. It is complicated and subjective. Use your discretion and try ways to enjoy sex is recommended. This will in turn help to control diabetes because emotional well-being offered by sexual experience has the ability to re-balance your body and give you a feeling of lasting happiness. The hormones and endorphins release during sex are mentioned by sex therapist to have calming effect which helps to induce sleep and stimulate cell rejuvenation.

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