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Retinopathy and Therapeutic Alternatives, Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) | Diabetes Daily Post
Retinopathy and Therapeutic Alternatives, Type 2 Diabetes (T2D)

Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) Retinopathy and Therapeutic Alternatives

DiabeticRetinopathySmallA 5-year follow-up of antioxidant supplements in type 2 diabetes retinopathy was published in the European Journal of Ophthalmology by Dr. Garcia-Medina and his co-investigators. In their study, 105 T2D patients with nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy (DR) were studied and followed for 5 years. According to the study, there was a retardation of progression of DR in the subgroup with antioxidant supplements. In conclusion, they recommend oral antioxidant supplements as adjunctive long-term therapy in the treatment of nonproliferative DR.

What is diabetes Retinopathy?

It is an eye complication of diabetes. Blood vessels in the light-sensitive tissue (retina) are damaged due to high blood sugar and cause blurred vision. If blurred vision persists it may lead to total blindness. DR usually affects both eyes. DR has two stages: nonproliferative and proliferative stage. The good news is the above mentioned study offers a bright spot that there is hope at least in the nonproliferative stage of DR that antioxidant supplements may either slow or retard the disease progression. The power of antioxidant supplements are once again emphasized.

Risk factors for DR

Patients with T1D and T2D
Hispanic and African Americans are at greater risk
High blood pressure and high lipid in the blood
Pregnant women who are at risk of developing gestational diabetes

Frequency of DR and prevention

American Eye Institute estimated 40-50% of the diabetes patients develop DR and each year 24,000 patient go blind. Controlling blood sugar is a must and a yearly eye check is mandatory if you are a diabetic patient. Eat a lot of bright-colored vegetables will help.

Three most effective antioxidants for eyes are…

Lutein, 4-10 mg per day

Zeaxanthin 2-10 mg per day

Lycopene 20 mg per day

Curcumin in curry: use curry to favor your favorite soup. DR rate in India is lower than the Western countries.

The properties of antioxidants (mechanism of action)

High sugar in the blood will trigger the decrease of antioxidant defense and cause the increase of oxidative stress. These stresses will lead to the elevation of pro-inflammatory proteins such as TNF-alpha. These pro-inflammation proteins will gradually destroy the walls of blood vessels in the retina. Antioxidants will inhibit the release of destructive proteins (cytokines), and stop the runaway cytokines production cycle and strengthen the walls of blood vessels in the retina.

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