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Vitamins | Diabetes Daily Post
Secret of Getting Enough Vitamins and Minerals
The Secret to Getting Enough Vitamins and Minerals The secret to getting sufficient vitamins and minerals in your diet if you’re over 50 years old is to take supplements. That’s the easy answer because it’s well known that no matter how well you eat, how well balanced your diet, how good you are at doing everything you’re suppose to do to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle: #1: As you get older your body just doesn’t work the way it did 30 years ago and you just don’t absorb the vitamins and minerals that you need. #2. The argument continues...
Attention. Are You getting Enough Vitamin C?
Twenty-five years ago, I remember telling my physician that I was taking supplements.  He never asked me which ones.  He just remarked I was wasting my money. Ten years ago we spoke about supplements and he hoped that I was taking Vitamins C and E and Calcium. Anything else and I was wasting my money. My doctor has since retired. He was an outstanding internist, superb diagnostician, a caring person but we always argued about supplementation. Times have changed. In the November 2007 issue of Tufts Health &Nutrition Letter there’s an article about the over-50 crowd not meeting their nutrient...

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