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Understanding and Learning About the Journey of Diabetes. | Diabetes Daily Post
Understanding and Learning About the Journey of Diabetes.


Understanding and Learning About the Journey of Diabetes.

healthy-lifeSo I got the bad news from my physician: I am pre-diabetic. It wasn’t something that I wanted to hear, especially since my father is a diabetic, and I have watched him for many years struggle with a disease that can have many deadly consequences. Fortunately for him, he’s 89 – he’ll be 90 in July – and his diabetes is under good control. But it’s a disease that I definitely do not want to get!

But the important thing to remember is that I am pre-diabetic and I can nip this thing in the bud! By losing weight, making some better food choices and exercising more, I can prevent pre-diabetes from turning into diabetes.

I have to say, though, that if you look inside my fridge, it’s already full of pretty healthful (and colorful) food choices: red peppers, skim milk, cut up fruit, organic salad, cans of tuna, and salmon from my local health food store. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and I don’t buy soft drinks – and rarely drink them out when I dine out – and fried food is something I rarely eat.

On the other hand, I do admit to a weakness for chocolate (and it’s not always dark chocolate, which is the healthiest kind to eat), I eat a small McDonald’s French fries every three to four months, and pizza (with veggies) is something I can’t pass up. (Hey, I live in Chicago where pizza is king!) And I do admit to a weakness for popcorn, though I make mine from scratch…no microwave popcorn for me! 

What kind of exercise do I regularly do? I walk around the track at my local health club 3-4 times a week 30 minutes at a time, and when the weather is nice, I walk outside when I can. I lift small weights and do squats and other exercises, but I know I have to increase my walking and exercise in order to lose weight and decrease my chances of getting diabetes.

So what’s my game plan for the next few months so that I lose weight and decrease my odds of getting full-fledged diabetes? I plan on upping my walking at the health club (or outside) to 40 minutes (or more) at a stretch and doing it at a faster clip. I also plan on eating more veggies that are better for me. I tend to eat the starchier kind such as potatoes, peas and corn, and the American Diabetes Association says that I should be eating more of the non-starchy veggies, so broccoli, carrots, and string beans, here I come!

I’ll certainly keep you posted on my progress in the coming months, so you can be looking for my posts as I write about various topics related to exercise, healthful eating and other topics related to pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Brought to You By:
Karen Schwartz, DDP Staff Writer.

Karen Schwartz

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