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Nausea Associated with Victoza®, Byetta® and Bydureon® | Diabetes Daily Post
Understanding Nausea Associated with Victoza®, Byetta® and Bydureon®

Nausea Associated with Victoza®, Byetta® and Bydureon®

nausiaControlling blood sugar levels is very important to prevent or reduce the long term complications of diabetes. Most patients with type 2 diabetes will need more than one medication to control their blood sugar. Victoza® (liraglutide), Byetta® (exenatide), and Bydureon® (exenatide LAR) are injectable drugs that lower blood sugar levels. They can be used in combination with other oral diabetes medicines. Only Victoza and Byettaare approved by the FDA to be used in combination with long acting (basal) insulin. These medications work by helping the pancreas make more insulin,stopping the production of sugar from the liver, and creating a feeling of fullness after eating a meal. This fullness may help you eat less and lose weight, but can also cause some nausea when you begin treatment.
Nausea is the most common side effect when first starting these medications and usually goes away in a few weeks to one month.  Byetta is given twice a day with meals and Victoza is given once a day regardless of meals. They both will be started at a lower dose and increased slowly to attempt to minimize nausea.Bydureon is given once a week at the same dose.

There are other ways to help manage nausea while taking these medications. One way to help with the nausea is to drink more fluids. Often people find relief by drinking a sugar free carbonated beverage. You may also obtain some relief by consuming ginger tea, saltines, or rice crackers. Slowly sipping hot water or sucking on sugar-free mints also may ease nausea.Limiting fatty or fried foods and eating slower or smaller portions at mealtimes may help prevent the feeling of nausea. Your provider can also prescribe a medication for nausea to take temporarily if needed.

It is important to use these medications exactly as prescribed. Although the side effects of nausea can be frustrating, keep in mind that it will decrease overtime and can be minimized by the steps described including decreasing the portion size and fat content of your meals. Like all diabetes medications, they should be used in addition to life style changes such as improved diet and exercise.

This Article is Brought to You By:
Our DDP Guest Writer’s Staff,
Stephanie Silva, PharmD Candidate 2014, School of Pharmacy-Boston, MCPHS University, Boston, MA
Jennifer Goldman-Levine, PharmD, CDE, BC-ADM, ‎FCCP, Professor of Pharmacy Practice, School of Pharmacy-Boston, MCPHS University, Boston, MA Clinical Pharmacist, Well Life Medical-Salem, MA

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